Welcome to our construction company that offers a full range of building renovation services. We carry out reconstruction of buildings of various types and scales, from residential buildings to industrial facilities. Our highly qualified specialists ensure the quality and efficiency of work, which guarantees our clients complete satisfaction with the result.

We understand that building reconstruction is a complex and responsible process. Therefore, we offer a full range of services from design to execution of works. Our specialists design the reconstruction of the building, taking into account all the requirements and wishes of the client, as well as all construction norms and standards.

We carry out reconstruction of buildings with varying degrees of complexity. We can perform complete or partial replacement of communications, electrical networks, heating and air conditioning systems, insulation and decoration of facades, repair of roofs and replacement of windows and doors. We can also expand the building by adding new premises or changing its layout.

We offer our clients an individual approach to each project. We understand that each building has its own characteristics and requirements, so we offer the best option for building reconstruction that will meet all requirements and budget.

Our team consists of highly qualified specialists who have many years of experience in construction and reconstruction of buildings. We use only modern technologies and materials to ensure the highest quality of work and meet the needs of our customers.